Piping & Equipment | Safety and Values
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Safety and Values

Piping & Equipment’s key value is the customer. Customers are the reason we are in business. We support customers who value our performance and our products and services. We understand that customers make decisions based on who they believe best meet their needs, and we work hard to meet every customer’s needs.


Loyal customers who value our performance, products and services, and relationships are the foundation of business. We reward that loyalty with quality workmanship, high performance, attention to safety and high value.


We treat everyone with mutual respect and dignity. We respect our customers, our employees, and the relationships that are developed.


We keep our commitments to our customers and employees.


We are committed to always doing the right thing.


We are always open with our communication. What we say is the truth. We are committed to working with others who value honesty.


We accept the consequences of our decisions and actions. We set high standards and accept challenges because we expect high performance from ourselves.


We are able to attract the best people by developing skills and abilities, retaining valued employees when others might lay them off, and providing opportunities result in superior customer experiences. Providing opportunities to increase employee knowledge, skills, and responsibilities provides value to our customers.


We value people who work together to achieve results. Our people share their knowledge and expertise with others to improve performance.


Our products and services are always provided to customers with zero defects.


Quality and Safety are always first at Piping & Equipment Company, Inc. We maintain a staff of QC and Safety office and field personnel.

Our Quality Control Director works with your personnel to meet both code and your own requirements. Our QC program is dovetailed with yours.

We’re dedicated to reducing construction costs through safety management. Our Safety Director works to meet all your specific needs.

Our dedication to quality and safety has been proven through our successful on-time completion of numerous large projects without a single lost-time injury. Let our cost-effective programs work for you!