Piping & Equipment | Projects
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Below is a sampling of some of our previous jobs.
Click on any picture to enlarge the view.

Major Food Processing Company- Deodorizer Vacuum Revamp

Below are some pictures of our guys in action. This job included nearly 10,000 man hours.


JMC Engineering- Goodland Power Plant

This job involved over 50,000 man hours.

Sunflower- 2009 Spring Outage

This job included nearly 10,000 man hours.

NCRA- DHT Project

This job involved nearly 4,000 man hours.

Frontier- Fabrication and Installation
of Fractionator Reflux Drum

This job included over 11,000 man hours.

Wilbros- Skids

This job included nearly 7,500 man hours.

Siemens- Tanks

These tanks are DAF tanks and API tanks .This job included nearly 10,000 man hours.

A&L Underground- Pipeline Terminals

This pipeline terminal job included nearly 45,000 hours.